Great Oak Church
Senior pastor position

Job Description: At Great Oak Church, our mission is to be the visible image of Christ, inviting people into community and relationship with Jesus. To that end, we strive to be a leading ministry provider in the community around us. Southwest Indianapolis has pockets of financially depressed residents with physical and spiritual needs. Our Church helps to provide for those needs in whatever way we can. In doing so our prayer is that our neighbors will experience the love of Jesus through us.

Great Oak Church is multi-generational, and we believe it is an important part of who we are. This allows our seniors to continue to grow and to utilize their knowledge in developing our young adults and children. We strive for a diverse congregation and welcome and treasure everyone who comes through our doors. Sunday service begins as a family at 10:30 am with worship music led by our director of ministry and the praise team. Worship songs are contemporary Christian with a light mix of traditional songs. The children are then released to Sunday school classes from 1st grade through 5th grade. Nearby the sanctuary is a nursery room equipped with changing tables, beds and rockers as well as a toddler through kindergarten classroom. Screened and trained volunteer teachers oversee the Children during the rest of worship and the sermon.

We also have an exciting and growing Youth group called 4:12 Student Ministries led by our youth leader on staff. They meet on Sunday evenings for worship, fellowship, food and fun.

Our office staff keeps the congregation connected through a weekly newsletter that outlines upcoming and current activities. Our Great Oak Church app has all the information needed for members and visitors to get plugged into a ministry or take the next step in following Jesus. Our digital campus offers previous sermons, a prayer request section, information on joining a life group, church resources, the Bible online, tithing online, a pre-order link for our Sunday morning Oak Tree Cafe order and social media links.

Our current Senior Pastor, Rev. John Dunaway, is retiring at the end of the year after more than three decades of ministry with our church, formerly known as Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church. We are now seeking a Pastor to join our Church as a member of our family. We need a Pastor who listens to the needs of the congregation, is open to new ideas, and accepts the members of our community. A high priority for our new Pastor is to work with the leaders of the church.

Our Church has built trusting relationships within the township, we look forward to our new Pastor being actively involved in the community as well. We would also like our new Pastor to help the missions team continue to thrive and lead us in further growing our outreach programs.

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